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Meet Simon and James, who have been at the forefront of staffing Transport Technology, Smart City and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for 22 years and 9 years respectively. They are not just recruiters; They have an unrivalled, international track record to not just fill roles, but are relied upon to provide strategic consultancy and advice to clients when planning work-winning, contract mobilisation, project and operational activities.

Simon and James work with Consultancies, Systems Integrators, Software/App Vendors, Systems Developers, Operators and Contractors and help to shape the evolution of numerous projects from innovative pilots to complex, multi million pound system implementations.

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Diving deeper

Let’s explore some of the sub-sectors within Transport Technology and Smart Cities that ISR supports:

  • Airport Systems   
  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems
  • Clean Air and Low Emission Zone
  • Connected Vehicles Data
  • Customer Information Systems
  • EV Infrastructure
  • Freight and Logistics
  • Micro Mobility / Active Travel
  • Parking Systems / Apps
  • Rail Station Systems
  • Ride Hailing
  • Road Safety and Enforcement
  • Smart Buildings / Places
  • Smart Grid 
  • Smart Motorways / Dynamic Freeway
  • Station Management Systems
  • Ticketing / MaaS
  • Tolling and Road User Charging
  • Traffic Signals / UTC / SCATS
  • Transportation Analytics (Predictive and AI)
  • Video Analytics and AI

Partner with ISR and let's navigate the evolving landscape of Transport Technology and Smart Cities together, driving innovation and excellence every step of the way.

A proven network of tech talent solutions

Specialising in Transport Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for over 16 years, ISR has cultivated a unique network and deep understanding of the sector and can provide a range of agile staffing services that spans across Executive, Commercial (Sales / Product / Bid / Marketing) and Technical / Operational roles, ensuring tailored solutions for all client needs.


Catch ISR in action at prominent industry events such as Highways UK, Interchange, Traffex, Cenex Expo, ITT Hub, MOVE and Intertraffic. Beyond networking, we are committed to continuous learning, actively participating in workshops focusing on Road User Charging, Mobility as a Service, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

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